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If you are the new owner of a kitten or puppy, it is likely you want to give them the best possible care so that they stay in optimal health. One important part of this is the Spay & Neuter process. Getting a cat or dog spayed or neutered holds many benefits, including helping your pet live a healthy life. Contact Little River Veterinary Clinic in Fairfax to make an appointment with our veterinarian as the first step to having this surgery conducted. Read on to learn why spaying or neutering is important, how to prepare your pets for the process, and steps you can take afterward to keep your pets comfortable as they heal.


Why Spay & Neuter Procedures Are Important

Spay and neuter surgeries remove a pet’s ability to reproduce. Spaying is the term female animal sterilization while neutering is the term used for male animals. These procedures are done surgically and require anesthesia. A pet that is altered also has the advantage of not being subjected to the possibility of reproductive cancers. In addition, many pets will stop performing troublesome behaviors associated with mating, such as marking their territory by urinating on items in the home or being vocal or aggressive.

How to Prepare Your Pets for Their Surgery

Before your pets can be spayed or neutered, they will need to have an evaluation conducted by our veterinarian. This is to determine whether or not your pets are healthy enough for surgery and the anesthesia that will be used for the procedure. If your pets are suffering from medical issues, our veterinarian will treat these before the procedure is done. When your pets receive the go-ahead to schedule their surgery, our vet will provide you with information about the restriction of eating or drinking beforehand. In most cases, you will need to refrain from allowing your pet to eat or drink for several hours beforehand. This is so they do not aspirate while in surgery.

How to Keep Your Pet Comfortable after Surgery

Our veterinarian has tips regarding the care for your pets’ incision after their surgery is completed. Your puppy or kitten will be required to stay at our facility for several hours so that we can check on their progress after the procedure. When they are allowed to leave, we ask that you provide them with a quiet place to rest, away from activity for a day or two.

Contact Little River Veterinary Clinic in Fairfax to make an appointment for a comprehensive examination. Call our office at 703-273-5100 for more information about our services.




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