Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinations Matter

Vaccinations are an essential aspect of your pet’s healthcare. Through vaccinations, your pet receives protection from serious sicknesses and diseases that can endanger his health and welfare. At Little River Veterinary Clinic in Fairfax, we offer core and noncore vaccinations to safeguard your feline and canine health. Vaccines can help your pet enjoy a longer, healthier lifespan.

Vaccinations Matter For Pets

Why Vaccinations Matter

Like people, pets are always at risk of being exposed to infectious diseases. Some diseases, like rabies, can be life threatening to dogs and cats, putting your pet at risk of an early demise. Vaccines help your pet combat diseases to protect his health. Vaccinating your pet also prevents him from spreading an infectious disease if he’s exposed to it, protecting you, other people and other pets.

Core and Noncore Vaccinations

Vaccinations are divided into two categories: core vaccinations and noncore vaccinations. Core vaccinations should be given to all pets. Core vaccines protect your pet from extremely contagious and dangerous diseases that can be fatal to your kit or pup.

If you own a dog, you should ensure he receives core vaccines for rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and Adenovirus-2. Cats should receive core vaccines for rabies, Feline panleukopenia, Feline calicivirus, and Feline rhinotracheitis.

Core vaccinations can spare your pet from the pain and suffering that serious diseases can cause. They may even save your pet’s life. Our Fairfax vet can help you determine the best time to vaccinate your dog or cat.

Some pets are more susceptible to certain diseases due to where they live or their lifestyles. This is where noncore vaccines come into play. Rather than vaccinate your pet for every disease possible, you and your vet can determine which noncore vaccinations offer the best protection for your dog or cat, taking into consideration your pet’s age, lifestyle, and risk of exposure.

Vaccines for Kittens and Puppies

Baby pets that are still nursing receive protection against diseases from their mother’s milk. Once they stop nursing, however, they should be vaccinated to safeguard their health. As kittens and puppies' immune systems are still developing, they're given a series of vaccines to keep them safe. Vaccinations should start when they're around 6 weeks of age and be administered every 2-3 weeks until they reach 16 weeks of age. 

Vaccination Schedule

As no two pets are exactly alike, vaccinations schedules may vary from one pet to the next. Your Fairfax vet can customize your pet's schedule to suit his particular healthcare needs. We may recommend that some vaccines be given annually and others every 1-3 years.

Make Us Your Fairfax Vet for Vaccinations

To schedule vaccinations for your kit or pup, contact Little River Veterinary Clinic in Fairfax at (703) 273-5110 today.

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