Pet Boarding in Fairfax

When you’re taking a vacation and can’t bring your pet, Little River Veterinary Clinic is always ready to offer them a home away from home while you’re away! Pets in our Fairfax boarding facility must be people and pet friendly and have no serious health concerns. Pets with other concerns may require hospitalization. Please contact us if you have specific questions about whether your pet can board with us.

What To Expect When Boarding

When your pet boards with us, you can expect them to enjoy good, old fashioned pet boarding, with plenty of attention from our entire staff, all day long! Each dog stays in a space appropriate to their size and we have runs and cages of varying sizes to ensure that all pets are accommodated. Due to safety issues with no one being here overnight, pets are not allowed to board together in the same cage if more than one family member is boarding. We can walk them together and do additional extras together if they want to interact.

Other activities your dog may enjoy include:

  • 3 walks per day
  • Food (bland diet to avoid digestive upset) and bedding provided by our team
    • We recommend for longer stays that your pet be on their own diet, and that all food items are clearly labeled
  • Extras available
    • Playtime
    • Cuddle time
    • Additional walks

Cats will be boarded in their own cage and provided food and bedding as well. While of course our feline friends don’t appreciate walks, they may enjoy cuddle times and playtimes, both of which are offered for them. If your pet takes medications, bring them in their original containers with clear directions for dispensing. Please do not keep medications or vitamins in plastic baggies or unlabeled vials. We also ask that you refrain from bringing other personal items, such as toys and bedding. Soft, clean bedding will always be provided for your pet by our caring staff.

Our veterinarians are on staff during all business hours and are on call on weekends in case an emergency arises. We have staff who comes in on the weekends to ensure that our boarding guests are taken care of, fed, walked, and clean!

Boarding Requirements

When your pet boards with us, we have a few requirements to ensure that they and their fellow boarders are safe. The following vaccines are required for our canine guests:

  • Bordetella
  • Canine Influenza
  • Distemper
  • Rabies

The following vaccines are required for our feline guests:

  • Rabies

For a faster check-in, we recommend filling out your pet’s boarding form prior to drop-off. If your pet has special medical needs, be sure to fill out the boarding exam questionnaire so we can accommodate them.

Want to Try it Out?

For clients who have never boarded their pet at Little River Veterinary Clinic, we offer day boarding to help you see how your pet does while staying with us. This is a trial period for boarding and often helps gauge how much your pet will enjoy a longer stay.

Have questions or want to schedule your pet for a boarding visit? Contact us today and let’s get started!


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