Accidents happen and even the best-behaved dog or cat may slip away and become lost. Should that ever happen, the best way to ensure your pet finds their way back to you is via microchipping. Little River Veterinary Clinic in Fairfax provides pet microchipping and more!


Microchipping Helps Reunite Lost Pets

Microchipping is what we call the process of putting a specially designed tiny microchip in your pet. These microchips are tiny computer chips, but we think it's easier to understand them as tiny nameplates installed carefully underneath your pet's skin by an experienced veterinarian. The chips or nameplates have stored in them a specific registration number.

Should your pet ever become lost, the first procedure any veterinarian, shelter, or animal rescue group will do is to scan your pet to find that registration number. They will then check an online registry where they will find that registration number attached to your name and contact information. This way, even if your pet loses their collar or the tags become illegible, those who find your lost pet can still find a way to get your pet back to you.

The Facts About Microchips

Microchipping is still a relatively new concept and so if you haven't heard about it, or you still have questions, you're not alone! Our Fairfax veterinary team is here to assist and get the answers you need about any procedure, including microchipping. The following is a look at some microchipping facts that we hope answers more common questions and misunderstandings about microchips.

  • Microchips are not tracking devices. Microchips are solely built to store that registration number, they are not equipped with any type of GPS-tracking info that could tell you exactly where your pet is at any given moment. There are, however, specialty tags and collars on the market that do offer this capability.
  • You can change a microchip's information. Many pets from reputable adoption agencies and breeders will come with a microchip already implanted. When you bring your pet to our Fairfax office, we can talk to you about re-registering that microchip with your info or updating it if you have moved.
  • Not only outside dogs need to be microchipped. ALL dogs and cats should be microchipped for their safety and your peace of mind. An indoor-only cat may slip outside during a home renovation and even the most loyal of dogs may find themselves disoriented and run off when taken away from home. A microchip is a small and affordable thing that can save you a lot of heartache should such an unfortunate event happen.

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For more information about microchipping or to set up your next veterinary care appointment, give our team at Little River Veterinary Clinic a call at(703) 273-5110.

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