Microchipping Services at Little River Veterinary Clinic

Can you imagine how terrible you would feel if you got separated from your pet with no idea of where he went of how you might find him again? These fears understandably haunt pet owners, even if their pets already have collar ID tags. That's why you need to take the extra step to have your pet microchipped. Here at Little River Veterinary Clinic in Fairfax VA, we can provide your special friend with permanent identification that can help you find him if he gets lost or stolen.

Cat getting microchipped

A Simple, Non-Surgical Pet Safety Measure

A microchip is nothing more than a tiny, simple data chip capable of transmitting a unique ID number. This unique ID number is entered in a national pet locator database linked to your contact information. Whenever an animal worker such as a veterinarian or shelter employee uses an RFID scanner on an unidentified animal, the microchip sends its ID data to the scanner. This allows the user to look up your contact information in the national database and let you know where your pet is. You still need you equip your pet with a collar tag, the most common means of identifying a missing pet. But collar tags can come off and get lost, leaving your pet unidentifiable.Microchipping is that extra pet safety measure that helps you pet find his way home to you.

Microchipping is an extraordinarily easy procedure. The chip itself is so small (about the size of a grain of rice) that it doesn't require any kind of surgery; it's simply implanted into the pet's body via injection, like a vaccination. Our vet clinic can perform this procedure during one of your pet's regular wellness visits. 

A Proven Technique for Finding Lost Pets

A typical microchip can remain functional for decades, partly because it needs no internal power source; it derives its transmitting power from the beam of the RFID scanner checking for a microchip's presence. But microchipping isn't just a reliable technology -- it's also a proven aid in the search for lost pets. Microchipped dogs are returned to their owners more than twice as often as non-microchipped dogs. More than 38 percent of microchipped cats also find their way back home, as opposed to less than 2 percent of non-microchipped cats who go missing.

Schedule Microchipping for Your Beloved Pet Today

Microchipping is safe, affordable, and effective -- so you need to provide this essential for of pet safety for that favorite animal in your life. Call Little River Veterinary Clinic today at (703) 273-5110 to schedule microchipping at our Fairfax VA vet clinic!



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