International Health Certificate

International Health Certificates for Pet Owners Who Travel

Pet owners who take their pets along when they travel or when moving to another country may be required to provide an International Health Certificate to prevent the transmission of dangerous diseases to other animals within their destination’s national boundaries. At Little River Veterinary Clinic in Fairfax, VA, we can provide the required International Health Certificates for travel with your pet.

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What Is An International Health Certificate?

An International Health Certificate is required to ensure that pets arriving within a destination country are not carrying any diseases. The International Health Certificate provides information about vaccinations your pet has received and treatments that may have been provided. The certificate must be issued as close to your travel date as possible to ensure that your pet is healthy when arriving in the destination country.

When You Might Need An International Health Certificate For Pet Travel

In order to protect animals from pet-related diseases, many countries around the world require individuals coming in from other nations with their pets to fulfill certain veterinary requirements. Some countries do not have specific forms for entry of pets into their countries. In these cases, the International Health Certificate for pets provides sufficient assurance of your pet’s health. The measures taken to provide the certificate will ensure your pet remains healthy when traveling to a new location, as well as protecting the animals in his or her new environment.

Your Veterinarian Can Provide Necessary Requirements

Your Fairfax veterinarian can provide the appropriate veterinary care and information needed for issuance of an International Health Certificate for your pet. The information will include your name, contact information, vaccinations your pet has received, rabies vaccine, a certification that the animal is free of pests and internal parasites, as well as blood tests that may be required by individual countries. If there are any concerns about past vaccinations, your pet should receive a booster immunization. Young puppies and kittens are a particular concern when giving vaccinations. Your veterinarian can advise you on the safety of vaccinations in the early months.

Contact Little River Veterinary Clinic for An International Health Certificate

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