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Getting Your Pets Groomed By a Professional

Many people believe that getting their pets groomed is a luxury. While it does improve the quality of your pet's fur, there are many other benefits of receiving a pet grooming. Fortunately, your local veterinarian here at Little River Veterinary Clinic in Fairfax, Virginia has some information that will explain the benefits of getting your pet groomed more often.


It is a Social Event

One of the most important things that we can do for our animals is to introduce them to other pets. While this applies to dogs more than cats, dogs are incredibly social animals that need consistent contact with people and animals around them. Bringing in your pet for a pet grooming session is a great way to quell their anxieties at home and let them have some fun along the way. They will have a chance to meet new pets and have a great experience whenever they are here at our office.

Pet Grooming Controls Shedding

Summertime is here and it is incredibly hot outside. This means that your cat or dog is constantly shedding inside of your house. This is their bodies' natural ability to help them remain cool whenever the temperature rises outside. However, unwanted pet hair can begin to accumulate on our furniture and around the house. Pet grooming will help eliminate the amount of fur that gets shed from your pet and keep your pet cool whenever it begins to get hot outside.

Your Pet Can Look Stylish

Finally, most people simply want their pet to look stylish. Animals always end up feeling better after they receive a pet grooming. You can help shaggier dogs look more presentable and even give some animals the fur-style that you've always wanted. Your pets will look stylish and feel much better after they visit our office for a professional pet grooming performed by a licensed veterinarian!

Working with Little River Veterinary Clinic 

Little River Veterinary Clinic in Fairfax, Virginia has the right resources available to give your dog or cat a pet grooming that will simply wow others and help keep them clean over the summer. Our professional staff of veterinary technicians is available at your convenience to help your pet look their best. Be sure to contact us today at (703) 273-5110 to schedule your professional appointment. Bring your pet into our office for an incredible transformation that you'll never forget!

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