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Emergency Pet Care at Little River Veterinary Clinic

No matter how careful you are at keeping your pet as healthy as possible year after year, veterinary emergencies can and do happen. From an unanticipated health crisis to an acute injury, a sudden emergency can leave for scrambling for solutions -- unless, of course, you know to consult Little River Veterinary Clinic. Our Fairfax vet center can provide many kinds of emergency pet care during our regular business hours, from surgical intervention to poison control.

Dog recovering from emergency care

Know Your Veterinary Emergencies

Pets get hurt or sick all the time without requiring emergency care. A typical respiratory bug, upset stomach, or small cut can be addressed through normal veterinary services, or they may even resolve themselves unaided. But it's important to recognize the telltale signs of a potential emergency condition. Pet emergencies include:

  • Bloat - Gastric dilatation volvulus, or bloat, is a twisting of the digestive organs that causes abdominal pain and swelling.
  • Toxin ingestion - Pets may experience extreme illness, fainting, and other symptoms due to ingestion o a variety of toxins, from "human foods" to antifreeze.
  • Trauma - An acute accident or fight may result in traumatic injuries such as deep lacerations, internal bleeding, or broken bones.
  • Dystocia - Prolonged, difficult labor is dangerous for the mother and for the puppies or kittens. 
  • Heatstroke and hypothermia - If your pet's temperature drops too high or too low, his life may be in immediate danger. 
  • Prolonged or multiple seizures -  An occasional seizure may not constitute an emergency, but several seizures in a row, or an especially long seizure, may prove fatal.
  • Anaphylactic shock - An extreme reaction to an allergen may cause critical problems in your pet, including obstruction of the airway.

Skilled, Timely Emergency Pet Care Services

We ask that you contact Little River Veterinary Clinic before you come to our office so that we can evaluate the situation. We can make a quick, correct diagnosis of the problem and administer a variety of lifesaving treatments to stabilize your pet's condition or send you to the emergency department. We offer a variety of treatments such as: medications to neutralize or bring up toxins, treatments to normalize temperature, surgery to seal wounds or set fractures, blood transfusions, or emergency internal surgery.

Rely on Our Fairfax Clinic for Your Pet's Emergency Needs, Contact Us Today!

Our Fairfax Veterinary clinic is available to respond to your pet's emergency or urgent need calls from 7:30am-4pm Monday- Friday and Saturday 8am-1pm with rotated closings every other Thursday and Saturday.  


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