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Little River Clinic doctors and the hospital staff at work

Our Services

Preventive Medicine - Preventive Medicine includes, heartworm testing and protection, fluoride treatments for puppy and kittens.

Surgery - Routine surgeries including spay and neuter, as well as more complicated surgeries.

Dental work - Cleaning including ultrasonic scaling, polishing, fluoride treatment, and the new OraVet® sealant! Extractions only as needed.

Ultrasound - High quality ultrasound to help diagnosis health issues.

Boarding - Veterinarian supervised, experienced kennel staff. Three leash walks outside daily, air-conditioned. Spacious areas to separate cats and dogs. Lots of love and care.

Vaccinations - Annual vaccinations and health exams to keep your pet healthy. Now also offering some vaccinations every three years!

Grooming - Hydrosurge and bathing equipment. Pedicures, ear cleaning, anal expressions, and de-matt services available.

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The information on this website is for informational and educational purposes, and to provide you general pet information. It is NOT meant to be a substitute for professional veterinary care.