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Your Cat

A cat can be one of the most rewarding of all pets but before you acquire one, please think first: ­ is there really time for a cat in your home and your life? Cats can be perfect pals and make wonderful companions but,although they may seem independent, caring for one demands as much commitment as with any other animal.

Cats can live for fifteen or even twenty years, so don't assume that it is always best to take on a kitten. An older cat has much to offer and may be betterf or working or elderly owners or families with young children. Only choose a kitten (at least eight weeks old) if someone will be at home for all or part of the day to give it the care and attention it needs. Your local animal shelter always has cats of all ages needing good homes.



For a cat travelling generally means being plucked from familiar territory, put into a container and subjected to an array of strange sights, sounds and smells. A frightened animal is likely to panic and so care has to be taken to make sure it arrives safe and well at its destination.


  cat looking through the window



Cats are curious and playful creatures - unfortunately these charming characteristics can get them into scrapes. Road accidents Cars are the greatest danger for cats. Keeping your cat indoors at night is a good idea (serving a tasty morsel at nightfall will encourage your pet to come home). Failing that, a reflective collar makes your pet more visible.

cat at the window


It's an emergency! If you are worried, phone your vet. Be sure to give a thorough description of the problem. Phone first,­ don't rush to the practice as the vet may not be there. Listen to phone messages completely and have a pen ready in case you are given another number. All vets offer a 24-hour service for life-threatening emergencies. Do not give an injured pet food, drink or any human medicines, as some are poisonous to dogs. 



The information on this website is for informational and educational purposes, and to provide you general pet information. It is NOT meant to be a substitute for professional veterinary care.